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As a parent, you may have concerns about your child’s speech and language development.   Because your child is unique, he or she will develop speech and language according to his or her own time frame.  However, some children may benefit from speech and language therapy services. 

New York Pediatric Speech and Language Services offers evaluation and treatment services for children with a broad range of speech and language delays.   We cater to the individual needs of each child to create a learning environment that maximizes your child’s potential. 

Our responsibility goes well beyond the treatment of your child.  We realize that we are only involved with your child for a few hours each week. Therefore, we take the time to educate parents and caregivers and provide useful techniques to support your child’s clinical therapy. 

Our Services

Our role as speech language pathologists is to optimize your child’s ability to communicate.  Our highly trained and caring speech-language pathologists offer these services to children: 

  • Compehensive Speech-Language Evaluations
  • Individual Speech Therapy Sessions
  • Social Language Learning Group

We design and carry out treatment plans to achieve the following:

  • Improve a child’s ability to follow directions, ask and respond to questions
  • Expand expressive vocabulary and concept development
  • Understand and use English grammar and morphology
  • Teach children correct placement and production of speech sounds
  • Assist children with limited and/or delayed play skills
  • Utilize augmentative communication and alternative communication approaches
  • Improve oral motor/feeding skills for speech and feeding purposes
About Us

RoAnne Zuckerman, Founder of New York Pediatric Speech and Language Services is a NYS licensed, ASHA-certified speech-language pathologist.  RoAnne  has extensive experience diagnosing and treating children with a wide variety of developmental and language delays.  She has experience working with early intervention, pre-school and school age children.  RoAnne holds a Masters Degree in Speech-Language Pathology from New York University and a Bachelors Degree in Speech Language Pathology and Special Education from George Washington University. 


"RoAnne has been working with our son since he arrived home from the hospital.  He is now five years old.  RoAnne has a splendid therapeutic instinct and I trust her implicitly.  RoAnne is a talented therapist who establishes a relationship with her clients.  Our son is happy in her care because he responds to her expertise, intelligence and good will.  She is invaluable to all of us."
            Janet, Rye New York

"My son Mac worked with RoAnne for over one year for expressive language difficulties.  RoAnne is not only a competent and highly qualified speech therapist, she is also an extremely approachable, thoughtful and reassuring “coach” to us parents!"
            Molly, Rye New York

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